Download GMABooster for Windows® (version 2.1b) at BytesIn.com

Release date:  05/03/2019
Licensing model:  GMABooster is the totally free software, however, it requires a mandatory weekly update in order to be used continuously.

>>NEW IN THIS RELEASE<<   GMA 900 Support! Now both the GMA 950 and 900 are fully supported. At GMA 950 side, Asus 1005HA support has been added. This release comes with a stable version of GMABooster Power Plan Watcher (component capable of realtime switching of GMA core clock based on a selected Windows® 7/8/8.1 Power Plan) and with a set of the Quick Presets for 166/200/250/400 MHz (Quick Presets are available via Windows® Start Menu and can be used for automatic applying of the desired GMA core clock on Windows® startup).

Supported operating systems:  Windows® XP 32 bit (all editions*), Windows® 7/8/10 32 bit (all editions).
*Prerequisite for Windows XP operation: Microsoft® .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher.
You can google to get a download link for .NET Framework or just get it here.

Supported chipsets:  Intel® 945 GM/GME/GMS/GSE (GMA 950) and Intel® 915 GM/GME/910GML/GMS (GMA 900).
Supported devices:  Asus® EEE PC family, MSI® Wind family, netbooks/nettops by Acer®, Dell®, HP®, LG®, Samsung® and more.
(Not every device may be supported; please check Your specific device's technical specs for a compatible chipset).

The results for 166 vs. GMABooster-offered 400 MHz mode in a world class benchmark 3DMark® '06 (packed screenshots) - get here.

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